21 Responses to “The Sheltie Nation HQ server is running smoothly!”

  1. karen

    True turbo pups!! Love to see shelties (and collies for that matter) at play, their beautiful fur blowing in the wind!!

  2. DonZilla

    Wonderful! Makes me want to go out and buy a few more acres just so my little Sheltie has more room to play. Thanks for posting!

  3. Kate Colbert

    I love how they play hide-and-seek around the tree. Ours do that with a lilac bush. Thanks for sharing this! So fun.

  4. Judy

    I LOVE the zoomies! Thanks for sharing, it’s such fun to watch. My 2 boys do that as well, sometimes inside, running around the dining room table, then hiding under it. It make our whole family laugh. There are so many sides to Shelties. That’s what makes them so wonderful to share life with.

  5. leslie

    So cute zooming around the tree at the back- almost cartoony!! And the pause in the middle- just a little break, long enough to catch their breath and decide who’s chasing who next. Such innocent fun…

  6. sharon

    Loved watching this! I just cracked up. That juniper tree is just perfect for circling around. I wish my two girls would play like this, but they never have, even though they love each other.

  7. Barb Miller

    Way too cute! They sure do have a lot of energy! Reminds of of Brandi & Brady at play and when they stop nose to nose and wagging tail – enjoying their fun! Lovely video!

  8. Lynnel

    I really enjoy watching to y and tyler. That chase in the yard i could watchover and over. Your a brave soul letting him hit the ipad! What we do for our fur babies. Neither one of my shelties where like these teo, although wily did like to chase squirrels up the trees! Lol

  9. Dawn

    How nice they have such a nice wide open space to zoom in! I love how there’s a little path cut around the deck….certainly this isn’t their first trip around the yard. What fun!!

  10. Valerie

    Thank you for sharing. This made my day. Nothing puts me in a better mood than watching Shelties frolic and play!

  11. Dee

    Peace & longevity to you & your
    Beautiful Fur children !
    I love it when my 2 zoom as well ! They sure
    Can go! I love it when yours stop by the tree
    Nose to nose communicating on what to do next!
    They are amazing lil spirits our Shelties.. Aren’t they ?

  12. Holly

    I always say “there’s nothing like a pair of Shelties” ~ they’re so much fun to watch! Thanks for sharing, and for my smile to start the day :)

  13. Marylou

    Toby and Tyler having such fun!!! Absolutely beautiful!! Loved the video
    so much and thanks for sharing.

  14. Sullivan

    What a great way to start the day, with a couple of beautiful Sheltie babies, and there’s nothing *funner* than zoomies.


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