Ella, those squirrels wont come down and play with you.

She looks so hopeful, Clark & Pat!

10 Responses to “Tree-Huggin’ Sheltie”

  1. Dianne

    Love this…Hmmm..if I sit here real quiet and still…that squirrel up there is gonna get hungry and come down sooner or later!

    Love this …Kelly says hi to Ella from one little Squirrel chaser to another! lol..Little Ella is so cute!

    From the Geese, ducks and squirrels Kelly is one busy little girl.

  2. leslie

    Hmmmm…Ella is either really tiny, or that tree is really big….what a sweetie!

  3. jAN hUNTER

    Love this photo! I think alot of us have “squirrel dogs.” I hope one day a squirrel will surprise her and come down that tree.

  4. In Memory of TenBear (Sheltie)

    Watch it squirrels! I’m on duty here!

    (I taught my boy to “leave it”, and not chase squirrels. I did that, because he would sometimes get carried away and strain/sprain one of his legs.)

    • Jo

      Our boy Forrest got his front leg caught in the gap of the fence last summer leaping up after a squirrel. Husband had to lift him up to get his leg loose. Thanks heavens we were both outside when it happened, we do let them out alone too.
      We discourage him from Squirrel Chasing now, too.

    • Sullivan

      I too trained Bambi (Sheltie Angel) not to chase squirrels. She was
      SO-O-O good at not chasing, they would walk behind her and try to sniff her tail. One little squirrel got brave enough to really check her out and they were almost nose-to-nose when I called Bambi off, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but if that squirrel was sick or diseased I didn’t want it passed on to my baby . . . but fun to watch.

  5. Amber

    I have several pictures of my sheltie doing this same thing….every time we go for a walk, it isn’t a “walk” it is the hunt for birds and squirrels!

  6. Amy/copper5228

    Hm, perhaps if she waits long enough, they just might come down….Although I doubt they’ll want to play Sheltie. Squirrels seem to like playing squirrel….. So cute!

  7. Jo

    It’s so sad to think of all the Shelties with sore necks from waiting on squirrels that never come down to play…..


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