Toby loves the water and is almost as excited to retrieve “ducks” as our lab.

Wow, Karen. Now I’ve seen Shelties do it all!  :))

13 Responses to “What Kind of Sheltie Are You?”

  1. paula

    Adorable picture. My sheltie Spot does not like water. I took him in the pool once, and he really disliked it. He will stick to herding the birds, little squirrels, bunnies (his favorite) and the stars and moon at night. He is my love…

  2. Karen

    Toby loves to play with our lab, so he probably did pick up a lot from her. He has always loved the water. Thanks for sharing his photo!

  3. Shelley

    So cute! I have 1 of each..sable that loves the water and laying in the sun & a blue Merle that avoids puddles, getting wet and lays in the shade. Way to go Toby.

  4. Valerie

    Bet the lab taught him how to do it. I have never seen a sheltie so comfortable in the water as your Toby! Really kind of neat actually!
    …..especially a hot day, — it is 102 degrees where I am today!!

  5. In Memory of TenBear (Sheltie)

    OMG! (grin) My boy didn’t even want to walk through a 1/4-inch deep puddle. After a careful examination, he would gingerly tiptoe around it.

  6. Bobbie Pyron

    Everytime I think I’ve “seen it all” with shelties, they surprise me all over again!

  7. Dianne

    Prescious!!! Toby the Duck Hunter…luv it
    At the lake here sometimes there are tiny little stray and lost baby ducks..One day we were sitting having a coffee, when Kelly appeared in front of me with something in her mouth…She very carefully placed this teeny little hal-drowned duckling on my lap….She has watched me several times retrieving them out of the lake trying to save them…So amazing..Our Shepherd Blue did the same thing one time..So amazing!

  8. jAN hUNTER

    Wow–a real water sheltie!!!! Toby is not only a very special water dog but a handsome one as well. Wish he could teach mine to get their feet wet.

  9. Elizabeth

    Is it the herding instinct? Get everybody together in one bunch including those stragglers out there who’ve fallen in the water way out there?

    Whatever it is, Toby is taking care of everybody in his view. What a good, Good, GOOD boy!!!

  10. Tanja

    Wow I have had three shelties and I couldnt get either to go even ode to a sprinkler.

    • Tonya

      Hi Tanja! I’m a Tanja too! I always spell my name the common way on the internet, but I’ve never met anyone who spells her name like I do mine.

      Also, Toby could be my Luckie’s twin. But she won’t even go out in the rain. Much less venture into a lake.


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