This is our new blue merle Sheltie, Bailey Blu! We got him from a rescue in Nyack, NY, where they rescued him from a puppy mill in Indiana.

Cute sleeping Shetland Sheepdog puppy.

We are in love with him already – he is very cuddly and loves giving kisses.

Cute rescue Sheltie with big ears.

Hugs to you Lauren for giving him a loving home!

17 Responses to “10-4 Sheltie Rescue Complete, Over”

  1. Linda

    He is so adorable! He does look like a sable merle not a blue merle.

    Owned by Brady (sable merle rescue)

  2. Heartland Sheltie Rescue

    Wish I knew where that puppy mill was here in Indiana! We’d help shut it down! We just pulled 20 out of eastern Kentucky from a back yard breeder that got a little out of control. They still have 12 they won’t release.
    Bailey has a much brighter future since he’s out of there! Good thing his new family saw his potential to be a wonderful companion! And he saw their potential to be a wonderful family. Congratulations to all of you! Sheltie kisses rock!!!

  3. Maida Farrar

    Bailey Blu is just way too sweet looking! I want to cuddle with him and give him my kisses too! He is just adorable!!! I have had nine rescue Shelties (all adults, no puppies) and they really know they have been given a loving home and they never forget that. I believe they really rescued me. I hope you and Bailey Blu have a ton of love and very long life together.

  4. Sharon

    What a beautiful baby!!! He looks like a sable though.Good Luck with Bailiey Blu!!

  5. Dianne

    OMG..My big AHHHH moment for today…Bailey Blu is absolutely adorable and I have fallen in love too!
    Many years of unconditional love and fun with your new addition to your family! A close friend of ours got a rescue sheltie from Japan, and she is so awesome! ENJOY!!! LOL

  6. Traci

    Bailey Blu, you are “home” now…… Wishing you years of happiness and sheltie cuddles with Lauren little man. **BLESS**

  7. Lauren

    Thanks for the wonderful comments everyone. We’ve had Bailey for 2 weeks now & he not only is getting over his kennel cough, but he’s discovered his sharp teeth! We’re working on getting him to stop chomping down on our ankles & hands, but he’s still a little mush when he gets tired out! If you want to see more photos of him, please check out his Tumblr page!:

  8. Susan

    What a sweet little face. A big Thanks to you for adopting him. Now he’ll know love and have a great life.

  9. Karen

    what a cutie! I want some Blu kisses as well. Both of my shelties are rescues too :) They are the best!

  10. Bobbie

    OMG!!! Cute cute cute! Look at those little pink puppy pads and puppy ears! Big hugs to you for rescuing this little guy. I have a puppy mill rescue sheltie too and he’s amazing. Also hoping all the other dogs from this mill find the wonderful forever homes they deserve.

  11. Jo

    I predict a long & happy life for Bailey Blu! He looks like a real doll, such a sweet face. We have a puppy mill rescue also & he’s the sweetest baby ever.

    So snuggly in the 2nd picture, I’d like some kisses from him too!

  12. jAN hUNTER

    I AM IN LOVE! What a beautiful face he has. Thank you for rescuing him and I know you both will be so happy for years to come. Please send more photos later.

  13. Diane

    Too stinkin cute, nothing better than a sleeping puppy(regardless of breed)

    Hope you have many happy healthy years

  14. P. Price

    What a beautiful face! I too have a Sheltie that was puppy mill rescue & she is a wonderful, loving pet. Many happy days are ahead for Bailey & his new family. Thanks to the people who rescued Bailey & to you for opening your home & heart to him so that he can enjoy a long, happy life & enjoy just being a Sheltie. His lucky day was also yours.

    • Michelle Arthebise

      Another precious baby saved. My rescued sheltie is a sweetheart. Very glad Bailey Blu has a great home. Many kisses to you sweetie.

  15. gloria

    What a precious face! There is nothing that can fill the heart more than the rescue of a sheltie. These dogs are so sensitive and really understand when they have a safe and loving home from the horror they endure at a puppy mill. I know this has been said many times… although you rescued him… in the long run you find they rescue YOU. Many years of happiness to you and your darling Bailey Blu. I speak from experience as I have rescued 4 over the years… their is nothing like it! CONGRATS!

  16. Sullivan

    There are no words to discribe the cuteness factor I am seeing here. Look are that gorgeous face on Bailey Blu, congratultions for letting Bailey rescue and adopt you, we know he made a very wise choice. Hope to see more pictures. I’m placing my order for his kisses, I’ll take 4 please.


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