Indy and Treesa, long lost sister and brother are finally reunited…each found their forever homes less than 10 km apart!!!!

Can you tell which one is which?

Two tri color Shelties
Awe, cute twin puppitude, Barb : )

6 Responses to “Double “Tri” Take”

  1. Barb Miller

    Awesome photo … I cannot guess at which is which! So nice that they live so close to each other and can visit regularly!

  2. gloria

    What a wonderful reunion! I always wanted a Tri! So glad they are able to get together… what sister does not want to spend time with her long lost sibling… many happy days to come. Rescue shelties are the BEST!

  3. Sullivan

    How cute! Such a dilemna . . . since I can’t tell them apart, I guess I will just have to take both. Wahoo! Twice the kisses, twice the fun, twice the everything.


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