9 Responses to “Happy Fourth Everyone!”

  1. Karol

    Thanks to all who have given great responses….and yes she is my awwwe for the moment as well. (she is awesome, patient and wise) She is the most loving and patient of any dog that I have met…

    We had a great weak last week working as a team with our local hospital as a therapy team………..everyone loved her and it gave a few minutes of peace for both the staff and the patients…..(we work on the stroke ward and find it most rewarding and love the stories we hear from the patients.

  2. Danny's mommy

    Sadie looks so patriotic with her fashion bandana. What a beauty.

  3. Mary

    what a gorgeous puppy dog. happy 4th of July everyone from your Down Under shelties Stanley, Harvey and Bundy

  4. Sullivan

    Thanks for sharing Sadie with us today. She is really a beautiful representative of this wonderful breed we all love. Happy, safe 4th everyone.

  5. jAN hUNTER

    Sadie is a wonderful representative to celebrate our country’s independence. She is beautiful and you can tell she takes her duty seriously. Thank you for starting off our holiday so well!


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