After working in the garden all day I decided to sit down and put my feet up, little Logan came over to help ease my sore body and feet!
… and I promise… it was not due to smelly feet!

Shetland Sheepdog licks human foot.

Don’t forget the cute-icles, Logan!

20 Responses to “Puppy-Pedi”

  1. Candi

    My first Sheltie, Coco was a big foot/toe man. He would actually hold your foot down with his paw. He even went in between each and every toe. Sometimes we would play cards and all the women at the table would take their shoes off and he’d sit under the table and “do” everyone’s feet. And i thought he was the only one……

  2. Miriam

    My Sadie loves to lick my feet too! And I must admit, after a hot day of walking home from the bus for 10 minutes, there’s nothing sweeter than a Sheltie-pumice stone :-) I can’t stand her licking my fingers, but I love it when she licks my feet!

  3. Nickie Clifford (Amanda's mom)

    Oh My Goodness! Who knew other Shelties do this (not me)! Our 1st Sheltie – Shugerr – was not much for licking. However, our four-year-old – Amanda – is so obsessed with licking-feet that my mother refers to it as her “fetish”. I cannot abide it as I’m ticklish – but my husband lets her “have her way with him” as he puts it;)

  4. Pat Monday

    Yikes, Matilda is the same way, mostly with lotion. I always have to grab the bottle of lotion to make sure there aren’t “if swallowed call Poison Control” instructions. She can get sort of pushy about it. Funny. Oh, and Logan is a cutie!

  5. Sherri

    Logan is soooo handsome! All three of our guys like to lick toes, even MacGreggor and he is only 14 weeks old.

  6. Dianne

    So funny…Kelly loves to do the toes and feet too! I call it the SHELTIE fettish!…………..and…….it feels so good , too!

  7. Danny's mommy

    Logan is such a cutie pie. My Danny Boy licks my feet to and boy does it tickle. Our shelties take such good care of us.

  8. jAN hUNTER

    Logan is such a pretty boy! Our shelties also like feet. One of them “knows” where my husband is hurting when he has gout. He will lick the inflamed area on his legs or feet.

  9. Sonya

    Gizmo loves to do this too!!!! but i cant have him do it to me because my feet are ticklish!!!

  10. Sandra

    Yep it’s a Sheltie trait alright, with or without lotion my Cody licks my feet and toes too! Love those babies!

  11. Bobbie

    My sheltie, Sherlock, loves to lick toes! I kind of like it–my husband, not so much ;)

  12. Lisa

    Ahh they do love that from-unda-cheese; from-unda your nose, from-unda your toes… ;-D

  13. Gail

    Both my shelties lick my legs after I put lotion on. I love it. It’s like getting a mini-massage. Logan is such a cutie.

  14. Darci

    Ahhh!! Is this a sheltie trait? My Watson is obsessed with toes. I have said I could probably train him to do just about anything if only I could find foot flavored treats. Blech!! Logan looks quite pleased! :-)

    • Rachel

      I was wondering the same thing Darci! My shelties & the other shelties I know all love to lick peoples feet! Cute picture!

    • Robby

      Oh yeah! It’s all about the toesies. She’ll go at it, with intense thoroughness, until I just can’t stand it another second! Yeeeeeeek


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