Scotch is super happy he got to sit in the big chair. :)
Shetland Sheepdog smiling
Shelties do indeed have the best smiles, Stephanie!

11 Responses to “Sheltie Smiles are the Best!”

  1. Stephanie

    Thank you!!! I really appreciate all the wonderful comments :) I put this pic at my desk to cheer me up if i have a bad day at work. reminds me of the love I get to come home to <3

  2. Dianne

    There is nothing like seeing a Sheltie Smile..I just simply will light up your day!

    Thanks for sharing!He is one handsome little fellow too!

  3. Danny's mommy

    With a smile like that and a twinkle in his eyes I would let Scotch sit in the big chair whenever he wants to.

  4. In Memory of TenBear (Sheltie)

    Yes, Sheltie Smiles are the best!

    When appropriate (grin), my boy also happily bounced up and down while joy barking.

  5. jAN hUNTER

    Nothing is more beautiful than a smiling sheltie. Scotch is gorgeous and his smile says it all!! I wish you and Scotch years of wonderful years ahead. Thanks for letting us see his beautiful face.

  6. gloria

    Sheltie smiles are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Scotch is showing those pearly whites to show his pleasure….

  7. Sullivan

    What a GREAT way to start my day, thank you for sharing. There is nothing better than a big Sheltie smile that goes all the way to the eyes, to get the ole’ motor runnin’, and the fact that Scotch is so handsome doesn’t hurt either. Have a great day.


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