It’s my party and I’ll bark if I want to.

Bark of I want to. Bark if I want to.

You would bark too if she did this to you!

Oh boy Darci, time for lots of cookies for Watson!

13 Responses to “Sing it with me now…”

  1. Darci

    Thanks everyone! Watson is my first sheltie; I fell in love with the bi-black the second I saw him. But, I would have fallen in love with the him the moment I met him even if he was the scraggliest most miscoloered pup ever, with his awesome little personality!

    And yes- there was a touch of the stink-eye!

  2. Ann

    Ha! Ha! What a cutie! My shelties wouldn’t have stayed still long enough to take the picture with the hat on. What a good boy!

  3. Don

    Happy Birthday, Watson! I thought I was the only person with a bi-black sheltie until I found this site.

  4. jAN hUNTER

    Happy birthday to you, Watson! You are a handsome boy.
    I agree with the others– being a sheltie you can certainly bark if you want to and I bet you WILL!

  5. Bobbie

    Happy birthday, Watson! Love your song! My Sherlock has a similar song that goes something like this:
    I bark when I’m happy
    and I bark when I’m sad
    I bark, bark, bark ’till my mom gets mad.
    She says, “No bark!”
    and I say, “How come?”
    So I just keep barking ’til the day is done.”

  6. LadyMcBeth

    LOL! This picture made me laugh! Our shelties are so tolerant of our whims! Yup, I detect a bit of stink-eye too! Good boy Watson!

  7. karen

    Happy Birthday Watson!! Bark if you want to, after all that is one of a shelties favorite pastimes :-)

  8. Sullivan

    What a handsome lad Watson is. The bi-blacks are always so beautiful and even as dark as his face and eyes are and even though he has a pretty smile on his face . . . I still detect a case of the Stink Eye! Happy Birthday Watson and as previously stated, lots of cookies, Mom, lots of cookies!


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