Luda says: “No, more like BARK to the glove!”

Dog barking at glove

LOL, Traci!

7 Responses to “Talk to the Hand”

  1. Pat Monday

    If what is here today that wasn’t there yesterday, it will be barked at.

  2. jAN hUNTER

    What a beautiful sheltie she is!! I understand the barking all too well. One of our shelties barks at EVERYTHING that is different than what he is used to seeing. LOL.

  3. Liz Ramsey

    How sweet and funny. My Beetle steals my garden gloves and then goes to hide them under the porch. How the Sheltie mind works!

  4. Sullivan

    Talk to the hand?! Luda is doing just that and from the looks of it, doing a mighty fine job! You can tell she is really enjoying her job too, just look at that smile. She really has a pretty face and I love the tipped ears.


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