Oh no…wet Kelsey!

Sad look from wet Sheltie.

You have a lot of cookie penance to dish out, Karen!

10 Responses to “Why so Sad, Pumpkin?”

  1. jAN hUNTER

    Oh, most of our shelties hate their baths. That is a face I see with mine. I am sure Kelsey soon was dry and very happy again!

  2. KC

    As a groomer, I know this face all too well, LOL! But once the toweling off begins, it’s all fun and games again! :)

  3. Dianne

    AWWWW…Yep I get the same look from Kelly every time too…But..out with the towel , a couple of treats and then the Zoom Zoom Zoom run! All forgiven! And good as new too!

  4. Karen

    yes, she got cookies afterwards :) her and her sheltie brother Dougie both got baths, but Kelsey has perfected the sad ‘pitiful’ look. I should have sent the after pic too!

  5. Danny's mommy

    Danny Boy got a bath today too. He did lots of zoomies after plus a few treats. He is very pouffy now and smells great.

  6. Chris

    It must be bath day today! Both of my Shelties got scrubbed up today, and I saw lots of sad eyes. But afterward, they zoomed around the house acting extremely silly. I like to think it’s because they feel SO GOOD now!

  7. gloria

    Oh noooooo, those BIG HURT eyes… gave my sisters little sheltie a bath this weekend and got those same eyes! Makes you feel so guilty! Although, she looks GREAT now… and yes, she did get a TREAT! I am sure Kelsey got one too!

  8. Michele P.

    Awwww… those baths are scary. I’m sure your mom made up for it with special treats after!

  9. In Memory of TenBear (Sheltie)

    Being wet is So Sad! My boy bravely allowed me to give him a bath without fussing, but his Pathetic Martyr Face showed his true feelings about the matter.

  10. Sullivan

    It’s a good thing it is Sunday, because the thoughts I “see” in Kelseys’ eyes could get her in a whole lot of trouble! However, we know from experience that after a good towel run down and a few zoomies, all will be forgiven and Kelsey will be good as new.


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