Samantha just had a bath!

Squeee! Lucky you, Robin!

14 Responses to “Bathing Beauty!”

  1. Nickie Clifford (Amanda's mom)

    Oh. My. Word. Samantha is an adorable little ‘bathing beauty’! You need to take her out and let ‘her’ public appreciate her – just as we do with our Amanda after she’s been groomed. Just be prepared for lot’s of ‘ooh’s and ah’s;)!

  2. Dianne

    Oh my Gosh ! What an adorable little fur ball!
    All the best to you and Samantha in the many many years ahead of you!

  3. jAN hUNTER

    What an adorable little puppy she is! I wish you much happiness with this little beauty. Thanks for letting us see your just washed baby.

  4. Chris

    This picture of Samantha just made my day! Talk about cuteness factor. I want to just squeeze her!

  5. TINA

    What a precious doll baby! This photo makes you feel like you want to sweep her up and cuddle with her.

  6. jo

    Nom nom nom this towel is tasty! Too bad the whole interwebs just keeled over from my cuteness!

  7. Sullivan

    What’s not to love, everything puppy. Little everything, little tipped ears, cute little pink tongue hanging out and the puppy fuzzies. As already stated, lucky you Robin. You are in for many years of love, devotion, fun, humor and all the companionship you could want, we already know you will be life time soul mates and best buds.

  8. Dawn

    Waaaay over the top cuteness!!! You are very lucky to have this beautiful baby!!!!!!!


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