Coty: “Perhaps he got stuck in traffic?”

Jasper: “I’ll just make myself comfortable against you while we wait.”

Cute is always timeless, Virginia. :)

18 Responses to “He’s Late”

  1. Annette

    That is so heartwarming, the whole togetherness and I do love how patient she seems with the baby. I want to have them both jump in my lap and hug them. Lucky Lucky you.

  2. jo

    Awww, BFF’s! So sweet. Hurry up & get home Daddy! We need to play with you & show you the fun games we played today!

  3. jAN hUNTER

    Cody and Jasper sure are adorable all snuggled up as they wait for their Daddy to come home! What a sweet picture and reminder of how much man’s best friend loves us. Thanks for giving me my sheltie treat to start my morning.

  4. Sullivan

    Just look at all the excitement X’s 2 when Daddy finally does show! Of course Jasper is a cutie because he is just a bab-b-b-by but Coty is beautiful also. I think my favorite of all the Sheltie colors is the red/magohany and Coty certainly has a fine looking coat.


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