6 Responses to “Holy beejebus, I’m glad I’m not in there!”

  1. Susan

    Mom, why are you in there and what is that person doing to you?? Should I call for help?

    Too funny.

  2. Diane

    That’s pretty awesome, Beau would have a major freak out if I tried to do that.

  3. jAN hUNTER

    How adorable she is and how brave!! Have a wonderful life with Annie. She is so pretty and fuzzy!

  4. Sullivan

    What a precious little girl she is, just look at all that cute puppy fuzz Annie is sporting. Soon she will realize just how good that can feel, especially on a hot, hot summer day and, for being a good girl, cookies to follow. Oh, and Annie, don’t forget all the hugs and kisses that come with.


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