I wish I could say he was gazing at ME when I snapped this, but it was his ball (ALWAYS his ball!) that inspired the adoring fixed stare!

Oh well, Lum.

7 Responses to “I only have eyes for you…sorta”

  1. Barb Miller

    I can clearly identify … Brandi is the same way when she gets fixated on the ball! Too cute!!!

  2. Sullivan

    Aww-w-w-w, what a beautiful little face. The look may be for his ball this time Lum, but I am guessing that he does look at you that way also, with all of the love and devotion that our little furbabies offer, how could he not?

    • Lum (Shadow's mom)

      He does indeed, although the ball is truly the center of his universe!
      I can’t imagine our life without this sweet boy in it. Can any of us? :-)


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