12 Responses to “Is this the Cookie Deck or Toy Deck?”

  1. Gloria

    As they say…
    When your lucky enough to be by the water, you are lucly enough!

    Well, this photo proves you can do one better… with a sheltie pop up!

    Enjoy your summer! Sweet photo and thanks for sharing.

  2. jAN hUNTER

    This picture is just TOO cute!! Cody is precious and has such a gorgeous face. Glad he popped up so we could enjoy this great picture!

  3. candi

    that FACE looks like that because the train was coming (which is what woke them up) and Cody has this “thing” for trains and was just about ready to start a bark-a-thon. Don’t know why but he goes completely nuts when he hears the train coming and if actually SEES it going by, well, that’s a whole different story!! I should try and get a video of that someday. The entertainment factor would be quite high, lol!!

  4. Sullivan

    Just the most perfect boating accessory every boat owner needs. Who would not love to see one of those little cuties popping up out of the hold? Cody is such a handsome little man that seems to be saying, OK, I’ve had my nap, let’s get this party started!


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