9 Responses to “Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming”

  1. Dianne

    Yeah Coral

    Our Kelly only goes up to her chest in the water, and not an inch farther… I tried her life preserver, and she stand still and won,t move an inch….

  2. jAN hUNTER

    I love seeing Coral swim! I wish mine would swim in the ocean or the lake. I had never seen a doggie life vest and I am glad to know they exist. Great idea!I Thanks for sharing your pretty little sheltie swimmer with us.

  3. Sullivan

    I love this shot. Looks like all Coral is thinking is, Yeah! Land! I finally see dry land! Kudo’s for the life vest, I agree with Jenny, can’t figure out why anyone would question water safety for your “kids”. I also say a big fat DUH! Pretty little girl, go Coral.

  4. Helene

    Although she loves the beach & is constantly in the water, my Scarlett ALWAYS heads straight for the shore whenever we put her in the water. Apparently herding dogs prefer to have all 4 paws on land at all times!

  5. Jenny Brown

    I’m happy to see that others use doggy life vests. We have a collection including a puppy-sized one. We still get asked why our dogs are wearing vests as we canoe by people on the shore. Well duh!


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