Sheltie with crossed paws

What a little fuzzy bear Logan is, Gloria!

16 Responses to “Mr. Manners”

  1. Dianne

    Love the crossed paws//Our Shelties definitely have their own little personalities……

    PS He is so pretty!

  2. Gloria

    As they say, looks are deceiving… He looks so dignified in this photo… But, he certainly has the funniest mannerisms too.

    If I sneeze he snorts. He will also snort if something displeases him!

    He can jump 3 feet off the ground straight up in the air when I feed him. He bounces up and down several times before I get the bowl on the floor!
    It is as if he has springs on his feet.

    He is a lover though… Logan thanks you all for the positive feedback!

  3. jAN hUNTER

    Wow–Logan is one beautiful sheltie. He has got it all! I love his ears, his gorgeous, sweet face , and those crossed front paws. Enjoy your wonderful, well mannered sheltie. We did.

  4. Laura

    OMG!….What a cutie-petutie!..with his little hands crossed like a gentleman…patiently waiting for the fun to start….

  5. Sullivan

    WOW! This is what I call the total Sheltie package, cute tipped ears, crossed paws, the serious look of concentration, all the while at calm attention! Life just doesn’t get any better . . . oh, and the fact that Logan just happens to be one FINE looking gentleman doesn’t hurt either.


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