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Sheltie Temperament

Hang around Shetland Sheepdogs long enough and you will realize they are wonderfully silly and funny animals. Shelties have a definite set of character traits that makes them special!  Come explore some of the best known Sheltie silliness! I’m certain you will identify at least one (or more) in your own Shelties.

That Sheltie Smile!

The Sheltie SmileReally?  Shelties Smile? Of course they do! (Have you seen our gallery?) Can dogs really laugh? Yes, in their own way. Like in all dog breeds, the Shetland Sheepdog smile has its origins in wolf ancestry, but we actually reinforce this behavior! Learn more about this endearing quality.

Sheltie Talk

Sheltie barkingSheltie Talk is more than just a book! While they are known for being barkers, Shetland Sheepdogs can also “converse” with you. With the right encouragement, they will often make strange noises that may sound like speech. If you are lucky enough to hear some, you will adore it!

Sheltie Nation – Do Shelties really bark a lot?

Sheltie Nation – Debarking a Sheltie: A sensitive issue

Water Shelties?

Water Shelties“No way” you say? We have photos to prove it! While many Sheltie owners say that their dogs hate water, it turns out that with the right encouragement, some Shelties will take to water! So if you want to try and convince them them to become a true Water Sheltie, you need to build confidence with positive experiences!

Shy Shelties

Shy DogsShelties have the reputation for being shy dogs. Socializing Shelties when they’re young is worth the time and effort. While a nervous Sheltie can be partially attributed to genetics, their desire to please can help them override their hard-wired shyness.


Why Do Shelties Sleep on Their Backs? gracienap

Always cute and silly looking, Shelties who sleep on their backs are sharing a surprising amount of information.


50 Funny Sheltie Cartoons

Sheltie CartoonsCan you relate to any of these silly dog character traits listed above? Then you will LOVE the humorous ebook called 50 Sheltie Cartoons by Rob Middleton.

Full of sweet and hilarious full color cartoons, this is a fun tribute to the Shelties we all know and love.  Rob has brilliantly captured the ‘quirky’ personality of the Sheltie and his illustrations will make you giggle!


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