Jamie (10 years old this Fall) with his BFF, our neighbor, Isaac (3 years old).

OMG Joe, this picture is too cute! They have the same expression!

10 Responses to “These two look like trouble!”

  1. Dianne

    haah They are both laughing…Hmmm What what they got into ..or plotting

    Very cute photo and thankyou for sharing with all of us Sheltie lovers!

  2. jAN hUNTER

    Jamie and Isaac Do show the same expression! I am so glad they have each other as best friends. Thanks for sharing adorable Isaac and his handsome sheltie friend, Jamie.

  3. Marti

    You know how they say people always look like their dogs?

    Well…..maybe these two are spending a little too much time together(!)

  4. Jo

    Twins separated at birth! I noticed Isaac’s t-shirt says ‘Speedy’ too, they’re both so cute.

  5. Sullivan

    I love both the expressions . . . Jamie and Speedy, what one can’t get into, the other one will! These 2 are so adorable. The caption says it all, here comes trouble, double time. Issac is a little doll and Jamie is really a strikingly, handsome young furbaby.


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