Brazilian Shelties Schatzi (3 years) and Steffi (11 weeks old) are having a grand ol’ time.

I love how Steffi gets Schatzi for being naughty at the end, Julius! :))

9 Responses to “Awesome, a babysitter that works for kibble!”

  1. Aus sheltie mum

    I remember my boys playing like that when they were younger! Thank you I could totally watch these two all day

  2. joanna

    You should play with me! It would be much more fun if you would play with me!

    Both Shelties are so cute! You are lucky to have them!

  3. Sullivan

    I too love the little pink belly on Steffi, and I also love the gentle way Schatzi is playing with Steffi, taking great care not to hurt the baby. What fun it must be at your house. Cool “adults” and fuzzy babies, you have the best of both worlds. Wishing you long, happy years of Sheltie fun and shennigans.

  4. Lum (Shadow's mom)

    Q: What’s better than one Sheltie?

    A: TWO!

    It’s super for Schatzi to have a playmate.We wish you many years and tons of fun with these two sweethearts.
    – Shadow and his mom

  5. Tina

    I would take these two beauties any day of the week!! I could sit and watch them run around all day. Schatzi is stunning and puppy Steffi is adorable!!! I love that pink little belly!!!

  6. Gloria

    Now that is just precious!
    What great German names too
    Nothing cuter than a sheltie puppy… and nothing more gentle than an adult sheltie!
    Looks like you will have many more years of enjoyment to come!


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