Naughty Claussen

puppy barking at cat

Poor Dante, Lysette! His face is hysterical though!

19 Responses to “Dude, Bark Softly!”

  1. joanna

    This made me LOL. My vet says every puppy needs to tangle with a Tom cat just once in order to learn a healthy respect for cats.

  2. Ann

    Yes, too cute for words. Dante looks like he has had just about enough barking from Claussen.

  3. jAN hUNTER

    Since Claussen is a sheltie, he may not be able to bark softly! Hope the kitty understands. Both are adorable.

  4. Dianne

    Hey Dude..that,s hard on me ears ya know !!! COOL IT ! hahaha

    Priceless! ……………lol

  5. Lynn

    What a hysterical picture! I love the expression on Dante’s face! I can totally imagine all the captions it would receive on the “I Has A Hotdog!” site. :)

    • Ann Acuff

      Lynn, how can I get to that site?

      I think the dog is saying, “Listen, you little character, I am in charge!!!”

  6. Tina

    This is way too cute and that puppy fuzz is to die for. Dante looks like he’s say… is this kid for real?? While Claussen is say… I’m a Sheltie, hear me roar!! Thanks for sharing Lysette.

  7. Marilyn

    The expression on Dante’s face has been observed on the faces of some of my nieghbours when I walk my sheltie Thor. The rest give him treats!

  8. Gerry

    You’ll find this picture next to “whatEVer!” in the dictionary. Dante looks exactly like a modern teenager saying that.

  9. Sullivan

    Poor Claussen, my guess is he is about to learn a valuable life lesson at a very early age! Agree, Dantes’ face is priceless, from the looks of it, this can go either way, “he’s just a baby, he’ll learn or, I’ve just about had enough of this.” Claussen is a cutie, wishing you lots and lots of happy years.


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