9 Responses to “Hi-ya, a Little Help Here Please?”

  1. Diane

    Can I just tell you, this dog looks so much like my boy Beau, the only difference is his ears are tipp

  2. Dianne

    Another Ahh moment..Boy..Amber Lee sure did get herself in roulbe didn,t she…MOM…HELP !
    She is very pretty and can see .full of mischief too…lol
    I always tell myself I should haved named Kelly ..TROUBLE..haha

  3. jAN hUNTER

    Thanks you for letting us meet Amber Lee. She is a cutie and is in such a mess in this picture. She looks very NOSE-Y in it and I am sure she will put her nose in other places as she explores your home. LOL.

  4. Gloria

    Poor little Amber Lee! Hope it was worth the effort! Where is mom when you need her! Too cute… thanks for sharing!

  5. jo

    What is there that is safe from the curiosity of Shelties? I just hope she didn’t unroll the whole roll of t.p. before this pic was shot….Amber Lee is a real cutie too.

  6. Tina

    Amber Lee is such a sweetheart!! Her tail is down and she looks like she is saying UH-OH, what did I do?? Shelties are so inquisitive and funny. I love her beautiful brown eyes!!!

  7. Sullivan

    Aren’t our little babies such clowns, they can be so silly? They do keep us entertained and laughing all day, and they can get themselves in such predicaments, knowing that we will ALWAYS be there to pull them out! Don, your tiny little baby Amber Lee is a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! Those little eyes seem to be screaming, Daddy, help!


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