I got Missy from a family who did not treat her very well. I tried
to change her name and she wouldn’t take it and now people think I
named my dog after myself!  LOL :) I’ve had her for 3.5 years and
she is a spoiled brat!

Sheltie with big eyes

Oh no, Melissa. With eyes like that she can never spoiled! Hugs for giving her a great life!

20 Responses to “Huge Saucer Eyes Alert!”

  1. Melissa

    Oh my goosh, I just realized you featured her! I must have missed it! She is an absolute sweetheart and is eternally grateful for everything we do for her. I feel like she rescued me, she makes my life so happy :) Thank you for all the wonderful comments!

  2. Tonya

    She’s precious. All dogs deserve to be spoiled, especially those with a rough start. My Luckie was terribly neglected before we rescued her. I hated the name. She is a girl, and I prefer quirky people names for my dogs. Anyway, she was so traumatized when we got her I just didn’t have the to change her name since she did know it. So I girled up the spelling and went with it. We’ve had her six months and she is the princess of the house. Spoiled rotten. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  3. Dianne

    How wonderful for you and Missy to find each other…She deserves to be spoilt I say///Many fun years together for the both of you..ENJOY!!! lol

  4. Ann

    Missy looks like she just adores you. Lucky you! Enjoy your wonderful time together and spoil each other!

  5. Pat Monday

    No such thing as a bratty Sheltie, they are just super smart, that’s all. Thanks for giving both Missy’s the best. <3

  6. Beth

    Every pooch should be lucky enough during it’s life to be a “spoiled brat” – My next one for sure will be a rescue. Take good care of each other..:)

  7. Tami Borneman

    Missy is adorable. I’m so glad she has a good home and is “a spoiled brat.” She deserves it.

  8. Tina

    What a precious angel face!!! I love these stories of hope and goodness. It gives me such a wonderful feeling to hear of another angel who was saved from cruelty.

    Sending sheltie Missy and human Missy lots of love and hugs!!!! :)

  9. Donna

    We too got our little fellow from a home where he was not treated well. He was 10 pounds underweight and had been physically abused as well. He has been with us for 9 years now (he’s 13) and like your baby, he is spoiled. We actually like to think of him as being “privileged rotten”. Thank you for giving little Missy a good forever home!

  10. Bobbie

    What a look of pure love and adoration. It’s like she’s saying, “Me? You still love me? And I love you so much!” Hugs to you for giving Missy the home she deserves.

  11. jAN hUNTER

    Missy is so beautiful and looks so loving. I am so glad you have each other and that she is spoiled, spoiled, spoiled! Thank you for giving her a loving home. I am sure she shows her gratitude daily.

  12. Joan

    Oh wow–she looks so much like my “Cookie”. Mine has a little darker hair above the brown (above the eyes) and a few brown freckles on her nose. When she gives me that look, she can have and do just about anything. The sky’s the limit. :)

  13. jo

    Missy, Missy is a beautiful girl! How cute you have the same name (almost). Spoiled or not, she looks like a sweetie.

  14. Marylou

    God bless you for giving Missy a loving home! She is beautiful and knowing
    she has such a great life is wonderful!!!!

  15. Sullivan

    What a pretty little face you get to look at everyday, I see so much trust and love in those beautiful little eyes. Spoiled little brat? You bet, that’s what they are here for and we get the wonderful job of obliging their every whim. I, for one, wouldn’t have it any other way. KUDO’S to you for giving her the forever home that she so deserves.


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