Shaggy says: “this would be perfect if it had smell-o-vision too!”

Dog watching TV


9 Responses to “I Want My SheltieTV”

  1. Aus sheltie mum

    My shelties love watching horses on tv too! I think they just think they are huge doggies

  2. Ann

    Shaggy looks entranced by the action on the t.v. Looks like he is watching a rodeo or horses jumping hurdles? He probably wishes he was in on the action. How cute!

    • Robby

      Yeah, is that show jumping? My girl loves horses, and she likes watching equestrian events on TV. She enjoyed the Olympics. =)

  3. Tina

    This is so cute!! I wonder what Shaggy is thinking as he’s watching this. My sheltie ignores the tv.

  4. N/A

    Sheltie’s are so smart! My brother (the sheltie I grew up with) used to watch me as I practiced dance, and after a performance when we’d play the tape, he’d ignore the dances that I hadn’t been practicing, but when a song that I’d been practicing to came on, he’d run into the TV room, sit right in front of the TV, and watch me dance.

  5. Dianne

    Shaggy looks so cool sitting up on the couch watchin TV..He definitely keeps up on everything…Love it!

  6. Sullivan

    You know how our nosey Sheltie’s are . . . they have to know what is going on everywhere and they have to keep up with EVERYTHING, including world news. Lucky Rocio to have his own TV for his viewing pleasure. Has he learned to change the channel for himself yet, we certainly know he is smart enough?

    • Sullivan

      How embarassing that I just realized that I called Rocio by Shaggy’s name, I will claim the lateness of the hour that I responded. Rocio, please accept my apology for the slip.


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