Surrrrre you are Lucy!

Shetland Sheepdog begging

Expert beggars aren’t they, Trisha?

7 Responses to “I’m Starving”

  1. Kimberly D

    Oh my goodness, what an adorable face! I’d be hypnotized into giving Lucy treats, for sure!

  2. Ann

    How adorable! How could you resist Lucy’s face? Pretty difficult not to give her a treat with that look.

  3. Sullivan

    Poor baby! You can tell Lucy is so-o-o mistreated! LOL They put on those sad little puppy dog eyes that they think will get them anything they want and of course 99 out of 100 times it works, fur mommies are such softies. She is a beautiful little baby with that blaze going all the way up, that just makes them stand out that much better.


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