Scottie says: “Let’s cuddle!”

Sheltie standing on chair

Awe, Tina what a sweet face!

15 Responses to “Super Easy Chair”

  1. jo

    I hear the song ‘Baby face, you’ve got the sweetest little baby face’ when I look at Scottie! His expression is priceless.

  2. jAN hUNTER

    Yes, I would cuddle with Scottie anytime! I love his face and the tilt of his head.I can tell that he is a little doll. Enjoy your wonderful sheltie.

  3. Sullivan

    I’ll cuddle with this sweet little Angel any time. I say beautiful coat, tipped ears, head tilt, intent look of devotion and the big Sheltie smile . . . this baby is the WHOLE Sheltie package. How lucky and blessed you are Tina.


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