15 Responses to “You’re Not Leaving Without Me, Right?”

  1. Stephanie

    LMAO this is the most hilarious caption with the expression!! i hope u took her with u after that look

  2. Pat Monday

    hahahahaha, this look says it all. I thinks Ella wants to drive!! And, you better let her.

  3. Barb Miller

    I love when they give those sideways little glares …melts your heart! Ella’s a sweetie!

  4. jAN hUNTER

    Ella is a lovely little sheltie. I sure hope she got to go with you. It is obvious she wants to be with her best friend–YOU!

  5. Joan

    “Without you”??!!?? Never!!! Especially not after that “look”!! Beautiful Sheltie and a precious expression.

  6. Sullivan

    Is there absolutely ANYONE or anything that can make you feel more guilty about leaving them behind than our beautiful little soul mates? Look at the intensity in those sweet eyes as Ella makes sure to know where Dad is and what he is up to. Clark, if you thought you were going to sneak out, you can forget that, you don’t blink an eye that your Sheltie doesn’t see it!

    • Gloria

      Well said! You read the intentions spot on! Could not have said it any better! What a cutie! I always wanted a tri!


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