Murphy says, “Mom, I’m not fat. I’m just extra furry!”

We adopted Murphy from NCSR almost two years ago. At the vet’s request he’s on a diet and finally losing a bit of weight. Just like with people, this has been difficult for him as he REALLY likes to eat (who doesn’t?) but we know it’ll be better for him in the long run.

Shetland Sheepdog laying on floor.

Awe, what a cutie, Susan! Hugs to you for adopting!

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  1. Zoey's dad

    I’ve seen that look many times before from Murphy. It happens when the refrigerator door or pantry door opens. Chubbers!

  2. jack (chewys') and (repunzel's) dad

    When i got Chewy he weighed 61 lbs. -the Dr. put him on throid pills and I bought some real exp. diet food- I fed him half diet and have reg low fat and low protien and a carrot every nite. it took 2 years but he now weighesw 41 lbs. I reckon his life is extended at least 2 yrs.
    Just think nI get to enjoyn him at least 2 yrs more.
    Kudos to you Susan! You are a very lucky Lady!

  3. Cat

    You sheltie looks uncannily like my sheltie! Yours has a little more white on his nose, but I’ve never seen a sheltie that looks so similar!

    • Susan (mom to Bentley, Zoey, Murphy, Hannah)

      Thank you all for your kind words and understanding. Since we truly don’t know Murphy’s exact age and want him with us for years to come, getting his weight down is our No. 1 priority. It hasn’t been easy. His daddy has a tendency to feed them all more than they need. (He thinks I’m starving them, but when they are not as active I have to cut back a bit on their food.)

      I fell in love with this little guy the moment I saw his photo on the rescue site. He’s even more handsome in person and is a sweet, sweet Sheltie!

      • Shannon

        I forgot to thank you for rescuing Murphy; Shelties are the most endearing and intuitive breed. It is love at first sight with them!

  4. Terry

    Murphy is just beautiful. I had a Sheltie, Holly, who lived to eat. From a puppy, she ate and ate. She actually stayed at a pretty good weight all of her life but the Vet had me feed her a can of Green Beans to fill her up. I still use Green Beans today for Halo and Abby, I give them one as a snack. They have traditional snacks too but Green Beans and Carrot sticks are guilt free.

  5. Sullivan

    Sheltie hugs and kisses to you Susan for giving Murphy his furever home and loving him so much. We KNOW you’re getting back more than you give. I too had a furbaby that was overweight, so along with all the obvious “remedies”, food, exercise, etc. I “created” a salad for Bambi that her vet approved and she LOVED it. Bite size pieces of green pepper, 5 or 6 jarred (Green Giant) mushrooms (cut up), bite size pieces of carrots, and about a heaping tablespoon of chicken. The chicken I used is in a foil pouch next to the tuna in the grocery. I gave her this 3 nights a week in place of her regular dinner. With her regular walks, she lost 14 pounds in about 3 months.

    • Zoey's dad

      Murphy is my boy too. He loves to eat and nap, just like his dad! This sounds like an interesting Sheltie salad. We may have to give it a try. One question – does it make them gassy? Murphy already has his share of gas! He sleeps with me every night and he may think I don’t hear him letting loose, but the little stinker has made me shove my head under the covers more than once. Still, I can deal with it if it helps him drop a few more LBS!

  6. Gloria

    Yep… been there… done that…
    The only saving grace is in knowing we are doing the right thing to extend their lives…
    Bless you for adoping Murphy!

  7. Shannon

    My 5 year old Penny is so food driven, and scarfs up her dinner in 2 minues flat! She also is a nudger, bless her heart. I have been feeding her a weight control dry food with a little canned and greenbeans, and she has lost 11 lbs since last November, so it can be done. Initially she weighed more than my larger 6 year old Ceilidh, who has also benefited from the same diet. Also after dinner, they both get frisky and play hard with each other for 15 minutes, so it is fun to watch them . It is hard to avoid their beautiful expressive eyes when they beg for a treat, but I want them to be both happy and healthy girls and have them have a long and full life.

  8. Dianne

    I get that same look from Kelly.She also has a bit of a blaze running up her forehead and the one white leg too! Awesome…And..I get that look too!..Then I have to walk away and pretend I am busy or get her chasing toys and her volley ball to try and get her little mind off the treats! is working and the end benefits are terrific! We can do it!

  9. Joan

    OMG!! Murphy looks exactly like my “Cookie”–same one white leg, brown face with darker forehead, white blaze. And she is over-weight also. Brittany is absolutely correct. Her darling face when she stands at the biscuit jar, that says “Please, just one” is irresistable. Hang in there Murphy and Susan, love conquers all. :)

  10. jo

    Murphy looks good to me! I’m so glad he’s at his forever home now where even dieting is tolerable with love from his family.

  11. Brittany

    This is exactly how I feel on my diet!!!
    It’s tough to not spoil a Sheltie with those darling faces they have, but cheers for adopting Murphy and keeping him healthy!


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