Nice try Matlock!

Sheltie with head stuck in box

He should get points for style, right Clark?

8 Responses to “Completely BUSTED”

  1. Sullivan

    This is just way too cute! When I opened SN all I could do was laugh! Way to go Matlock, he has his own schedule and is not waiting for Mom and Dads’ . . . we have always said of the Sheltie’s, if they only had thumbs they wouldn’t need us! Atleast we know there is never a dull moment at your house Clark, such clowns our little furbabies are.

  2. Dianne


    Matlock wasn,t waiting for his pal to get his Breakie..He gonna get it himself!!! Way to go Matlock…right down to the last morsel !
    Thanks for sharing..Love it!…lol


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