12 Responses to “I’ll Take the One in the Middle”

  1. Vicki

    Can anyone tell me where to buy one of these little stuffed animals up in Canada? I have a niece who is searching high and low for one since making my pup’s acquaintance. She’s completely enamoured.

    • karen

      I’ve seen some offered by collie rescue groups, and have found some in various toy stores.. probably best bet is on line…Amazon maybe?

  2. karen

    Every time I see one of these pictures it makes me want to laugh. I wonder why sheltie owners like to collect stuffed shelties as well? I have several of them myself, some of the same ones in the picture. I also have “group” photos like the one above. Maybe us sheltie owners are as crazy as the little dogs we own. LOL

  3. Dianne

    Another Awwww moment for me this morning..Too priceless and love it..Thanks for sharing

  4. Bobbie

    Is Cody trying to hide from a bath or a visit to the vet? No luck, Cody. You are far too beautiful to be a stuffed sheltie!

  5. Diane

    Where in the world is Cody, why in the middle of course? But, i like tipped ears too, I like how the flip up and down while walking.

  6. jo

    Cody is among friends. She is so pretty, I love her expression, her tipped ears, and bright eyes! But does she ever get to play with real live Shelties? I hope so, cause I’m sure she’s a barrel of fun.


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