6 Responses to “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Kitty!”

  1. Pat Monday

    Our two Sheltie boys, Senator and Popsicle, used to have it out daily with our cat, Shadow.

    It was not like it was two against one, Shadow always came out ahead.

    Fun at first, but when those kitty claws came out, it was time to break it up.

  2. Kay

    You know, I always thought my two playful shelties ‘fought’ like cats, because they just sit down and whack each other with their front paws and then do the open mouth grabby thing, just like those two are doing, lol. And neither of them care much for the ‘normal’ dog type of playing when we go to dog parks. Maybe shelties were so amazing cat’s copied them? ;)

  3. Jessica

    Our Sheltie is 3 and still attempts to do this. Luckily, our Cat goes along with it and when they play the cat uses her claws. Sometimes I think the kitties like it.

  4. jo

    Poor Laddie, he just wants to play. And Star has a different idea of fun, kitty-smacking Shelties is a sport at my house too!

  5. Sullivan

    Unfortunately Gloria, all our little fur babies have to go through this life lesson, fortunately our little Shelties are smart enough to learn this lesson the first time and usually only have to be told once. Your little Laddie is a real cutie. Not to be left out, I can’t see all of Star but she looks like a beauty as well. Looks like lots of years ahead with the antics of these two to amuse you daily.


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