“In case you had any questions on how to eat yogurt, here is a primer.”

shetland sheepdog eating yogurt

Whisky’s got skills, Marta!

8 Responses to “Simple Steps to Eating Yogurt”

  1. Susan

    Our guys LOVE yogurt and always get to lick what little is left in the container. One of our previous shelties actually stuck her nose in so far she got it stuck! Too cute.

  2. Francine

    Well, well ~ My Kara-May and Elliott aka (ellie-boy) must iof went to the same school

    Whisky’s got the moves!

    Thanks for sharing ~

  3. Joan

    Well–now I know why my yogurt doesn’t taste that great. I’m eating it all wrong! :) Adorable Sheltie.

  4. Tina

    This is too hilarious!!! I love Whisky’s grip on the yogurt cup!! What a great name for a Sheltie! I love it!!!

  5. Sullivan

    LOL! What a great way to start the week . . . Oh Marta, you and Whisky made my day! This is just too cute! This week, the cup, next week, the spoon! What a pretty little furbaby you have, enjoy!


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