Who ever thought lethal trained assassins could be so cute?

Little Bear (AKA Crouching Sheltie, Tail is Waggin’!)

Shetland Sheepdog puppies playing

Claussen doesn’t look too surprised, Lysette.

9 Responses to “The Fearsome Ninja Sheltie!”

  1. Lysette

    Thank you for looking everyone! Action shots are in abundance over here, they play non-stop..

  2. Julie aka MaggieMae

    What adorable dogs!! We have a bi-black and sable, too!! Shelties rule!!

  3. Bill Ong

    Wow it’s great to see Shelties play together. My 3 rescue Shelties are pretty much loaners. Each goes their separate way. Play is with humans only.

  4. Francine

    Just a beautiful moment. That’s what shelties are all about! Thanks for sharing Lysette!

  5. Dianne

    Nice shot…Another ahhh moment to start my day…These two little Ninja,s are beautiful!

  6. Gloria

    What a great shot! Love to see how shelties play….
    They sure look like they are having fun!
    Very sweet – thanks for sharing.

  7. Sullivan

    I believe this is the first time I’ve ever seen a bi-black marked this way, Little Bear looks like he has a white mohawk! And little Claussen looks just like my little Angel Bambi. From the looks of these two Lysette, there is never a dull moment at your house. Fun, fun, fun!!


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