11 Responses to “The Four Stages of Waking Up”

  1. Pat Monday

    Really, there has yet to be a day where I have to wake Matilda up. She hears the school busses go by at 6:30 and that’s it, she HAS to get outside to bark at them.

    Our mornings are pretty crazy, but fun.

    Chloe, you are a gem.

  2. Joan

    Chloe says, “Hey, does it really look like I want to get up???” “What’s with the camera in my face?” Calls for a kiss right on the end of that black button. :)

  3. Donna

    Love her facial expression. It clearly communicates how she feels about her sleep being disturbed. My Nellie is the same kind of sleeper!

  4. jo

    And I thought I had trouble getting up in the morning! Chloe isn’t ready to get out of bed yet.

    Someone yell ‘Squirrel’ or something, she should come running.

  5. Sandra (CodynCaylee)

    Hey at least you are trying to get “her” up instead of the other way around.
    My Cody is in my face at 6 am 7 days a week to get me up! But of course that is after Caylee tries.Gotta love our babies and their cute looks either way!

  6. Sullivan

    Uh-oh Nancy, that is one nasty case of stinkeye Chloe is throwing at you. I do agree with her though, there is no day that should start before the crack of dawn . . . and at my house, dawn cracks about 11:00!

    Chloe is one beautiful little girl and I love those tipped ears


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