17 Responses to “Who has the cutest ‘tocks of them all?”

  1. Nickie Clifford (Amanda's mom)

    Scotch is bright-eyed AND has an adorable little tushy! You can certainly tell he’s going to keep you ‘on-your-toes’ (but then, don’t they all?;). It’s obvious that one is Sheltie besotted – when the topic of conversation is how cute their little bum’s are;)

  2. Leslie

    So sweet. I want one. I have 2, but I want one. You are sooooo lucky! Give Scotch a shnuggle from all of us!

  3. Brenda

    Awwwweee! Love him! He looks like my puppy’s twin! So adorable! They grow wayyyy too fast!

  4. Karey

    Thanks everyone! He’s a silly little guy and we love him lots! I can’t wait to see what an amazing sheltie gentleman he turns into.

  5. Zoey's dad

    Took a quick break from working to check out the site and relieve a little stress. This little guy made me forget what I was stressed about!

  6. Terry

    Scotch is just beautiful! I am enjoying puppy fuzz myself right now. They grow so fast, enjoy!

  7. jo

    Adorable face, check.
    Inquisitive, spirited eyes, check.
    Tippy ears, check.
    Halo bum, extra bonus cuteness factor!

    Scotch, I’m not sure how much trouble you can get out of with your halo bum though. Be careful testing the limits of it!

  8. Gloria

    Scotch is one adorable pup!
    Sweet sheltie kisses to you new addition!
    Enjoy many years to come!

  9. Dianne

    He is absolutely adorable..and..love his lil fuzzy bum! My ahh moment to start my day! lol

  10. Sullivan

    WOW Karey . . . you need to warn a body before you put something this GOREGEOUS before us, what a doll baby! You are right about one thing, this is the cutest little fuzzy butt I’ve ever seen. I could go on and on about this precious little one so, just . . . WOW!! Many good thoughts for a long life of happiness with this Angel.


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