Suki looked lonely so we got her another Sheltie friend, he is now double her size!

Sheltie puppy

“Mom , I thought you said I was getting a LITTLE Brother?”

Two Shelties

Ha, Louise! Cute in ANY size!

14 Responses to “Before & After – Sheltie Style!”

  1. Susan

    Love the before and now pics. Amazing how fast they grow. Hope the little brother still respects his elder. LOL

  2. sharon

    I can relate to this as a proud mom of both a “tall” and a “small”! These two are so cute together. I bet big Sis is still the boss no matter her size. Thanks for sharing these cute photos.

  3. Cheryl

    Awww. So cute! My “little” brother was the same way. Shot up past “big” brother. :)

  4. Dianne

    OOOH Suki ! What a lucky little Sheltie you are to have a new little lifetime friend…Many happy and fun years for the both of you…Two beautiful little fur babies for sure!

  5. Rachel

    They are so cute & I bet the best of friends at any size! I have 2 shelties & they are much different in size as well!

  6. Karen

    Cuties, both of them :) Don’t worry, Suki, I’m sure you’re still the ‘boss lady’ of the house.

  7. jAN hUNTER

    AW, this is so adorable! The same thing happened at out house. Thanks for sharing your beautiful shelties with us. I love the” then” and” now” photos.

  8. Sullivan

    Sheltie Style, the best there is and it NEVER goes out of style! What 2 cuties these babies are and we know they are now best friends. The little brother, with the black in his collar is a mirror image of my fur Angel, Bambi. Sure brings back fond memories, she crossed the Rainbow Bridge Sept. 28, 2009 and I still miss her every day.


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