The adorable, pint-size beauty was recently adopted and placed in her forever home St. Charles, Missouri.  I had the extreme pleasure of fostering Sadie for Second Chance Sheltie Rescue.

Fuzzy rescue SheltieHugs to you for fostering her, Christine!

12 Responses to “Fuzzy Fox!”

  1. jAN hUNTER

    What a little “foxey” beauty she is. Congrats to her new forever mother aand thank you to her foster mother. So glad you get to visit your little one in her new home!

  2. Sullivan

    Kisses to you Christine for fostering and hugs to the new furparents. Sadie looks like one little foxy lady. I’m guessing there is going to be lots of fun for all in the new furever home, just look at the big Sheltie smile.

  3. Ann

    It sure must be difficult to foster someone like that bundle of joy and let her go….Congrats all around!

  4. jo

    Sadie is a stunner! I’m also happy to read she’s a successful rescue girl. She looks so full of life in the pic.

  5. Dianne

    Congrats on your adoption of Sadie..She is going to have one happy and wonderful life ahead of her…LOL

  6. Susan

    What a beauty! I’m sure you had a difficult time letting her go. We also foster for two local sheltie rescues… and are foster failures to boot!

  7. sharon

    What a great feeling to foster an adorable, deserving Sheltie, and then know she’s going to a great permanent home. Sadie has a good life ahead of her!

    Thanks to both foster parent and adopter!!

  8. Christine

    Kaite/Sadie is the closest I’ve come to ‘failing’ fostering. She is a dynamo and such a sweet, sweet girl. Thank you to her forever mom for allowing me to visit so often for sloppy wet Sheltie kisses.


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