Cranberry and Dixie were on the hunt for a pumpkin patch for a photo op.

The haybale and corn stalks setup was the best that we could find.

Shelties in fall decorations

It is still a lovely picture, Denice!

9 Responses to “Good Gourd, No More Pumpkins?”

  1. Margie Sheffel

    They are just beautiful. You can almost see their little halos :-) Kind of like my two right before they got into mischief :-)

  2. jo

    Am I the only one who makes up talk when I see these cute pics? “we’re having fun, there’s so much to sniff here. Plus everyone who sees us says how gorgeous we are. We will let our furmom bring us again” Said in a babyish voice of course.

    Cranberry & Dixie look so nice in their photo-op!

  3. jAN hUNTER

    Cranberry and Dixie are beautiful without the pumpkin patch. I love their smiles and their ears and their coloring. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  4. Gloria

    Cranberry and Dixie are two beautiful pups!
    You gotta love those sheltie smiles too.
    Beautiful fall picture and would make a great calendar photo for fall.
    Thanks for sharing Denice!

  5. Sullivan

    Wow, what pretty furbabies you have Denice. Dixie looks like a pretty big baby but that’s all right, just that more to love. They really have some pretty markings and as always for me, it’s the nice blazes and the tipped ears and, just look at those big, beautiful smiles. Looks like a Happy Thanksgiving was had by all.


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