17 Responses to “Make No Mistake, The Cat Did It.”

  1. Paula

    Jake is beautiful. And I love his name, I had a Sheltie named Jake. He was the best ever! Now I have a Tony!

  2. Kerry

    He looks far too distinguished to have chewed on the wall! I’m with Jake – the cat did it! I love his colors, too. His coat looks like he’s throwing off his own aurora borealis :)

  3. Lynn

    Jake’s coat is absolutely stunning! I’ve never seen anything like it! I love that he’s trying to shield the redecorating that he did. :)

  4. Susan

    Me thinks Jake is very bored and either needs to be kept busy or crated. Hope he didn’t get any wood splinters in his tummy.

  5. jAN hUNTER

    Jake is magnificent! He looks like a manly lion. His coloring is awesome, too. He would be a spoiled rotten king in our house. LOL.

  6. Gloria

    Mr Jake – you are in good company… many of my doors and moldings have been chewed by my Laddie… although I have two cats as well… we know who is responsible…
    Your secret is safe with us!!! You are one handsome gent!!!

  7. Rosewyn

    Jake, you take my breath away! Such the Handsome! By the way everyone, I have made Sheltie Nation my home page. What a delightful way to start the day. I wake up with a sheepie dog peeking at me from under the quilt, nice to start the computer with sheepie dogs as well. Thank you so much for Sheltie Nation. Cream to coffee, are Shelties :)

  8. Janet

    Jake has to be the most gorgeous sheltie I have ever seen. His coloring is very unique (to me at least).

  9. Nancy (Baily, Chloe & Dreamer's Mom)

    Shame on you Jake! What an absolutely beautiful bad boy you have there!!

  10. Tina

    What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL sheltie!!!! I love Jake’s coat!!! No home is complete without a touch of sheltie naughtiness.

  11. jo

    Uh oh Jake looks like you’re in trouble now! Good thing you’re so darn cute that should melt their hearts a little.

  12. Sullivan

    I’m not sure just who did what to who, regardless, I think this is a stunning picture. I love that expression and the eyes seem to be saying I am SO innocent of whatever you think I did!


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