Jake says: “Mom, it is time to stop working and pay attention to me!”

Sheltie sitting on computer chair

I think it is a good excuse as any right, Nancy?

12 Responses to “Office Help”

  1. Pat Monday

    Well, why is Jake in the office chair? Perhaps he is saying, Mom, you better get back to work. Shelties are herders you know.

    Just saying.

    And Jake is gorgeous.

  2. Rosewyn

    Oh Sheepie Doggies how you run our lives And make our world go around! oxoxox
    Thanks for posting, I have said to my fur son many times, excuse me I thought I was the mama here, have I missed something? and of course he is most patient to explain, once again that is is He who is clearly in charge of how we should proceed!

  3. Tina

    What a sweetie! I usually give in and have to give my sheltie attention when I get a look that like. Jake is adorable and I love the patch of white fur on his back.

  4. jo

    I couldn’t get ANY work done with that face gazing sadly at me. I bet he gave a big ‘harumph’ sigh when he laid his head down there too.

  5. Laura

    Well, I guess if you can’t sit at your chair, you have no excuse but to go out and play ball!

  6. Teri

    I work from home and that looks very familiar!! I love how they can get you under their spell to play! Sullivan said it all!! LOL

  7. Gloria

    Are we feeling guilty yet?
    I sure would be!
    OK Jake, we give in… with a face like yours how could we say no…
    right Nancy?

  8. Sullivan

    Is there any one of us that has NOT gotten “the” look that says let’s see just how guilty I can make mom feel before she pays attention to me again . . . after all it has been at least 5 whole minutes since she touched me last.

    Hey SN, I just figured it out! We have the rewards system laid out ALL wrong, I think our furbabies should be giving US the cookies for jumping at their every beck and call.


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