Murphy looks cute in his hat…

Sheltie in Santa Hat

and gets a big thank you from mom!

Sheltie getting a kiss

Very cute Chris & John!

10 Responses to “Cause and Effect”

  1. Sullivan

    With Murphy’s Santa hat and his little white beard showing . . . no one will suspect a thing!! What’s not to love about both of these photos? You’ve got the WOW puppy factor and the bigger WOW mommy factor! With his beautiful coloring and handsome face, Murphy has it all going on and is quite adorable, and the love shone by mom and Murphy from one to the other is priceless, so to both parents, lucky, lucky you.

  2. Pat Monday

    Although when I try to kiss Matilda like that, she say’s “Oh come on Mom. enough already!”

  3. Pat Monday

    When I first glanced a the hugging picture, I couldn’t make out that is Murphy’s nose is popping out. SO CUTE!!!

    He is beautiful, and he looks great in red.

  4. Dianne

    AWWW Murphy…you are so adorable, and how could anyone resist giving you lots of hugs n kisses!

  5. jAN hUNTER

    What a wonderful picture of Murphy and his mother hugging! Murphy is the most gorgeous Santa with his beautiful face and wonderful coloring. Thanks for sharing your stunning sheltie with us.

  6. Brittany

    I just adore this. It’s always so precious to see humans loving on their furry babies, and that little nose cracks me up.


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