Acee you are adorable!

Sheltie dressed as Mrs. Santa Clause

Love that hat, Anita!

Layla you made it to one of the Sheltie Nation holiday posts! ;)

Sheltie under Christmas tree

Happy Holidays, Chris!

Rocky was adopted from Sheltie Shack Rescue in Kansas.

Sheltie dressed for Christmas

Awe, Lynn. So cute!

Soleil and Etoile’s visit with Santa.

Shelties with Santa

How pretty, Ann!

Tara, Bailey and Tracy all ready for Santa!

Shelties in Christmas wagon

So cute, Mary!

5 Responses to “Dance of the Sugar Plum Shelties”

  1. Dianne

    OH MY GOSH !! Love all these photo,s of
    the little Sheltie fur babies

    AWESOME and thank you all for sharing these adorable photo,s during this Christmas season of 2012

    Merry Xmas everyone, and to all our little Sheltie,s everywhere!


  2. Gloria

    OMG – another day beginning with smiles!

    Sheltie Nation is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

    All these wonderful sheltie faces just fill my heart.

    Thanks to EVERYONE who cares enough to offer their pictures on this wonderful website.

    Every day, I appreciate the contributors of images and comments more and more!

    Kelly – YOU ARE THE BEST!

    Merry Christmas to ALL!!!!!

  3. Joan

    Oh–My–Goodness!! I’m getting Christmas Sheltie overload. But keep them coming. :) My only wish is that I could cuddle, hug and kiss each and every one of them!!

  4. Sullivan

    WOW! The Christmas furbabies just keep getting better and better. All of the Shelties are such sweet spirits and kind souls with such big hearts in those little bodies, how can you ever decide on which would be a favorite? I say everyone I see is my favorite until I see the next one, then that becomes my new favorite. Let’s face it, we are SHELTIE PEOPLE, and with one look from those soulful little eyes, they have our hearts and they have us hooked for life.

    For all of you that do foster care and adoptions, God bless you. You will be rewarded in more ways than you could ever imagine.


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