Conan’s ready for Christmas. He knows there’s about to be some treats under the tree!

Sheltie under Christmas tree

;) Lauren

7 Responses to “Everybody Ready?”

  1. Dianne

    Another Ahhhh moment for today

    Conan you look so cute with your little head tilt..Love this photo ! Hey little guy…I can picture lots of treat and goodies beneath you Xmas tree !

    Merry Xmas to everyone, and to Sheltie Nation Great job… and looking forward to seeing all the great pictures, stories ect. in the coming year of 2013!


  2. Jan hunter

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful Conan with us. I can tell he is expecting some treats. I love his expression and the tilt of his little head.

  3. Bobbie

    Love that head tilt! Also loved the angel sheltie (literally) posted yesterday but was never able to get the comment button to work. Both adorable!

  4. Sullivan

    Lauren, Conan is a mighty handsome fella, really got that head tilt working for him, doesn’t he? The sun light coming through is casting him in a beautiful glow, got to get that pose just right for Santa to know he’s been a good boy all year . . . OK, most of the year!


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