Miki and Tupper pose pretty!
Shelties and toy trainSo cute, Cliff & Sue!

This is Sophie’s first Christmas!

Sheltie puppy by Christmas tree

Love the lighting, Krysta!

Snooky & Panda are all dressed to impress!Shelties in Santa hats

Cookies for sure, right Lisa? ;)

Ally is celebrating Christmas in a Southern California coastal setting!

Her bandana has Santa on it.
Sheltie in CalifoniaPretty girl, Sharon!

Ellie, Jenny, Simon & Jake tell Santa what they want for Christmas!

(Foster puppy, Blaze, gets to sit in Santa’s lap!)

Shelties and Santa

Happy Holidays Holly & Chuck!

Shea is ready to open presents!

Sheltie under Christmas tree

Merry Christmas, Jenni!

Gracie is looking pretty!

Sheltie in Christmas bandana

Awe, Pat!

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