15 Responses to “If You Could Open One Gift Before Christmas?”

  1. Lisa

    Thank you everyone, but don’t let that sweet face fool you. She had her share of fun playing in the wrapping paper and bows while I tried to wrap our presents. I’m sure Santa will over look that at make sure there are good presents under the tree for Victoria & Autumn! ;-D

  2. Dianne

    Boy! What an awesome gift wrapped little package that would be neath me Xmas tree !! I would be the happiest person around! Awesome

  3. Jan hunter

    What a beauty your Victoria is!!!! I sure would like to find her under our tree come I love how she looks so contented wrapped up like a present. She has gorgeous coloring and the sweetest face and darling ears. She is the “total package”.

  4. Joan

    Soooo cute!!! My Sheltie, Cookie, would have had that paper shredded to pieces long before I could even get it near her. And she loves empty wrapping paper tubes.

  5. jo

    Oh what a sweet little face Victoria has. She’s so pretty, all wrapped up & ready to make the best Christmas gift ever!

  6. Gloria

    What a cutie little Victoria is!
    My boys would never put up with being wrapped!

    Who would not want to unwrap such a sweet little soul under the tree!

    Have a great great Christmas and thanks for sharing.

    Made me smile!

  7. Elizabeth

    BEST image, EVAH!!!!!! I’m saving this one.

    Wow, Lisa, Victoria really is a GOOD girl! She doesn’t look upset or irritated to be in her ‘package’/’costume’ like some rather dignified Shelties do. She’s a very proud, self-confident little girl! How lucky you, and She, are!

  8. Sullivan

    Oh Santa, please leave one of those under my tree! This baby goes beyond being the best aw-w-w-w moment to start the weekend. What a beauty this little love is. I love the tipped ears and Victoria has just the right amount of playfullness on her gorgeous face to be the perfect OPEN ME FIRST present.

  9. Pat Monday

    Oh come on, this is such a gorgeous dog! What a good sport! Once again, Sheltie Nation has left me speechless.


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