Phew, it’s been a busy holiday here at Sheltie Nation! Thank you to all who submitted such wonderful photos!

Enjoy the last of the tasty Christmas Sheltie treats!

Cranberry as Santa Paws- ready to bring cookies to all good Shelties!

Sheltie in Santa Hat;) Denice

There is nothing Molly loves more that opening presents! Unless it is
playing with a squeak toy!

Merle Sheltie by Christmas tree

She is so striking, John!

Sam and Happy wear traditional Korean clothing visiting Santa Claus.

Shelties on Santa's lap

Thanks to KC and Robert!

Calvin, Charlie, Chelsea, Casey, & Cayleigh are ready for Christmas!

Shelties at holidays

I thought posing 3 was tough, Kathy!

Ho ho ho from Rita and Jules!

Shelties and gingerbread men

Such cuties, Pam!

Shelby poses pretty!

Sheltie under Christmas tree

Pretty girl, Janet!

Yesterday we visited my wife’s sister’s home for Christmas dinner.

Miki, thought this was the best place to lay.

Sheltie under Christmas tree

What a sweet face, Cliff!

Mally watches over the birdy!

Sheltie and snow globe

Happy Holidays Denise and Don!

Dutch you are a handsome fellow!

Sheltie and Christmas wreath

Sorry I missed this one, Regina! ;)

Lucy says “Please wake me when Christmas is over”

Sheltie sleeping on couch at Christmas

LOL, guess you can wake her now, Shannon!

And last but not least, our fur-kids this Christmas.

Toby, Teddy & Tyler

Toby, Teddy and Tyler at Christmas

9 Responses to “Last of the Christmas leftovers!”

  1. Jan hunter

    oH my!! All the shelties are so beautiful. Many look like shelties I have had over the years. Thanks for sharing your precious ones with all of us who love shelties.

  2. Debbie Gilbert

    Thank you for posting all the lovely holiday Sheltie pictures! They really brightened my day.

  3. John Denlinger

    Thanks so much for putting Molly’s picture on site. They are a great group of dogs.

  4. Joan

    There are not enough of the right words to express how great it has been seeing all the beautiful Christmas Shelties. Thank you so much for posting all of them for us to enjoy. It has been a wonderful way to start each day or to later perk up a day that might have been sliding a little downhill. Thanks again!!!

  5. Judi

    Oooh all these Shelties are so cute–give them all a pat on the head for me!
    My Shelties have both now gone to the Rainbow Bridge, so i appreciate you all sharing your babies’ pictures with us.

  6. Gloria

    Thanks once again for all the great photos.
    They have made my day and LOVE to see so many shelties in their loving homes as treasured family members.
    Until next year… have a fantastic New Year!


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