Sadie, who’s been naughty or nice?

Sheltie in Santa hat

I don’t know Karol, that stink eye makes me think you are on the naughty list! LOL!

Trevor Wayne says: “really, mom?”

Sheltie in sleigh

Awe, Angela but he looks so cute in the sleigh!

Wait a minute! We have been good so why does SHE get to hide in the doorway!
Shelties in front of Christmas tree

Gilligan, Winkie and Maxwell (with Starr in the doorway!)

Oh boy, Rhonda!

Here is Dougie at the Chesapeake Animal Hospital open house, where they did Santa pictures.

He was not too sure about the guy in the red suit next to him, thus, his very serious face!
Sheltie and Santa ClauseIt still turned out great, Karen!

Brandewine and Dakota are good sports…er, elves!
Shelties dressed as elves

Cookies, Marla!

Merry Christmas from Abby and Halo.
Shelties in Christmas costumes
Tee, hee, Terry!

Dessa posed with Santa at a PAWS fund raiser in State College, PA.

Sheltie in Santa's lap

Great photo, Marjorie!

Lola wants everyone to know that she “BELIEVES” and wishing everyone a safe and Happy Holiday season.
Sheltie under Christmas tree
Merry Christmas to you too, Lisa!

5 Responses to “Merry Christmas Sheltie Nation!”

  1. Susan

    Christmas Shelties are the best! Love all the pics you’re posting, Kelly. Keep’em coming.

  2. Bobbie

    Can’t believe how beautiful and patient all these sheltie loves are! Thanks to everyone for sharing their wonderful photos, and to Sheltie Nation for all you do to make us smile :)

  3. Gloria

    Nothing better than a sheltie under the tree…
    Well, unless there is more than one!
    Have a Merry Sheltie Christmas!
    Thanks to ALL that shared these wonderful images!
    Have a safe Holiday to you and you furry charges.
    Love Gloria, Laddie, Chance and Logan

  4. Jan hunter

    I wish I felt I had more time and I would comment on EVERY single gorgeous doggie picture. Let me say I loved each and every picture. Each dogggie is so beautiful and almost every sheltie reminds me of a sheltie I have had over the past 40 years! Thanks for sharing your beauties with us. I wish all the shelties and their fortunate families the best of Christmas.


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