25 Responses to “Mom, You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Shovel.”

  1. jAN hUNTER

    I am so sorry you no longer have this gorgeous sheltie. Oh, she looked gorgeous with the snowflakes. We sure miss all our shelties we have had.

  2. Zoey's dad

    Our tri-color, Elvis, who has been gone for three years now, got so excited when he ran out to play the first time he saw snow. He made one lap around the yard as fast as he could, then promptly ran back in the house and threw up! Guess it was too much for him!

  3. Barbara

    Thanks for all the comments. She was indeed beautiful and smart. Unfortunately we lost her way too soon this summer. Winter will never be the same without her. BTW…, this is “Bella’s Mom”

    • Cody

      I am so sorry to hear that :(. It’s always so hard losing them.
      She really was a beautiful sheltie. I hope you have many great memories with her to hold on to <3

    • Gloria

      I am so sorry to hear of your loss of Miley. This would be a beautiful Christmas card to send to all those who knew her and touched their lives. Thanks again for sharing her picture and I know she will never leave your heart!

  4. Kimberly Agzigian

    What a wonderful picture! Miley is a beautiful sheltie! May you have many happy years together!

  5. Leslie

    Absolutely stunning shot! A beautiful face, snowflakes sprinkled throughout. There’s your December picture for your personalized family calendar. Just gorgeous!

  6. sharon

    What a soft delicate picture. I love it. Miley is so cute. Our girls LOVED the snow a couple of years ago when we made a special trip to take them to it. We hope to do it again this year. :-)

  7. Holly

    I bet Miley is a great help shoveling! They love to catch the snow as you shovel, I think all Shelties have that in their playful nature, no matter how old they are. Love the caption, as always, the eyes say it all.

  8. John Bronnenberg

    What a beautiful tri,that should be on a Christmas card. One of my 4 Shelties is a tri, I think they might just be my favorites, but I don’t tell any of the others. Thank you for sharing !!

  9. gloria

    What a beautiful picture! Miley’s face is do expressive too.
    I always wanted a tri!
    You are very lucky Barbara!

  10. Sullivan

    Barbara, what a striking Sheltie Miley is, he seems to be saying, Come on Mom, HURRY UP! I also see lots of mischevious and humor in those big brown eyes. In that snow fall, I also see lots of happy zoomies. Good wishes for a fun day of play with your furbaby.

    • Sullivan

      Barbara, I’m so sorry about the loss of your beautiful little soul, it is always so hard to lose them. I’m sure you have lots of memories and lots of pictures to help you through. God Bless you.


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