With faces like these, Bryn, Ginger, & Misti will be sure to have lots of presents!

Shelties on Christmas blanket

Such pretty girls, Robin!

14 Responses to “NEVER Been Naughty!”

  1. Robin

    Thanks for all the very nice comments on the picture of the girls!! I have to laugh tho at the ones that say they look innocent….. especially the little blue one…. Misti Blue..not so innocent, but o so much fun!!!!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!

  2. Pat Monday

    Crossed paws are good luck. I just made that up! But, come on, really. This makes cute look lacking.

  3. Michele

    What absolute cuties and a beautiful picture!!! Look at sweet Ginger with her paws crossed!!! I love your Shelties!!!

    Thanks for sharing & giving us a smile!

  4. Jan hunter

    Aw–I can tell just by looking at these three precious little girls that they have never been naughty–just nice! I love all their innocent little faces.

  5. Tina

    Oh my.. what little angels we have here. Such pretty babies and so well behaved. This is the perfect Christmas photo!!!

  6. Christi

    Beautiful babies you have!!!! I’m sure Santa will be good to them. They are gorgeous!!!

  7. Joan

    Awwww moment is absolutely correct Sullivan. Just too much fuzzy love in one place. Don’t think they have anything to worry about in the present/treat department! Merry Christmas adorable shelties! :)

  8. Dianne

    Another AWWWWW moment to start my day
    These three little babies are Picture-Perfect…and Santa will be sure to drop off lots of goodies for this little Trio !
    Merry Xmas to all!

  9. Gloria

    One word – PRECIOUS!
    Bryn, Ginger, & Misti are just adorable.
    This picture should be on a calendar and holiday cards!
    Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas to you Robin.
    Enjoy those precious pups!

  10. Sullivan

    This is my aw-w-w-w for the day. Oh Robin, I am so-o-o in love with your triplets. I love Bryn’s cute little tipped ears and smile, Ginger’s BIG eyes and little paws, and Misti’s beautiful coat and markings . . . and EVERYONE has the “Who, me?” look in their eyes. Naughty or nice, we know they will be on the right list.


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